Why is scoring music for a film so important?

Have you found yourself on the edge of your seat during your movie, but not sure how you got there? Or, have you caught yourself on the verge of tears with little to no explanation why? Just listen. The music behind your favorite films has more impact than you think. Film composers have a way of getting underneath the skin of their listeners unlike anyone else. One of their goals is to create a strong emotional connection between you and the movie. So, next time you feel obligated to obey an emotional command, just sit back and listen. You will discover quite a few things!


Scoring music for a film will be the guide for the audience. Without the soundtrack, many movies actually wouldn’t make sense. If you think about it, the music tells you when to laugh, cry, or get angry. It even tells you if the character you are following is good or bad, as well as give hints as to what is around the corner. Michael Giacchino, a famous film score composer, said “Take it feeling by feeling. It’s a very emotional process for me. Whatever I put down, I want it to be a reflection of whatever I felt at that moment,”.

Giacchino’s scores are an excellent example of how a soundtrack should be written. Film scoring, in essence, is to paint the emotions that invite the listener to join the story.