On Hold Messaging

Why On Hold?

Most businesses don’t realize that having a customer on hold with silence or radio music is a waste of valuable marketing time. In fact, studies have found that 88% callers prefer on hold messages vs. dead silence or radio. One Take Wonder Music will utilize your signature sound, custom created and produced for your brand, and play it as a part of your on hold messaging strategy along with a pleasant, professional voice-over highlighting your main specials, promotions, services, events and more. 25-30% of callers have purchased additional products or services based on an on-hold sales suggestion. How about entertaining your callers with tips about the services or products you offer? A One Take Wonder On Hold message is an effective marketing method to turn this valuable marketing time into an opportunity to engage your callers, increase interest for your other products/services, grow your sales revenue, raise brand awareness and build credibility with a targeted audience.

Auto Attendant Messaging

Let a professional voice-over answer your callers and transfer the calls to the right department. Even if you have a receptionist, you can still use our services to greet your callers with a professional voice over with nice background music during after business hours, weekends and holidays! Inform your callers of your business hours or direct them to different extensions so they can leave messages for the right department.

Our Secret Recipe for On Hold Messaging

Why does on hold music often times sound so bad over the phone? It all has to do with frequencies. The human ear can hear from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, but telephones can only transmit a certain range of these frequencies (300 Hz to 3400 Hz to be precise).


Most On Hold Messaging companies have great sounding music – but their music is using the full frequency range (20-20,000Hz), and is not written to be played through a phone system. So what happens when this music is filtered through the limited range of the telephone system? Well picture this – you order a hamburger at your favorite fast-food restaurant, and pull up to the window to receive your delight. But instead of a window, there is an envelope slit. Your hamburger proceeds to be forced through the envelope slit, and you end up with an entirely different meal than you were planning on eating.


At One Take Wonder Music, our innovative composers have been studying the science behind writing music between 300-3400 Hz. To their surprise, they’ve found a unique combination of instruments that are specifically made to be written in that frequency range. By using simple composition and correct instrumentation, they’ve produced a library of music in different genres that will ensure your customers’ satisfaction. And, if you’re not happy with the style selected for you, we will write you something fresh!
How many times have you wanted to hang up the phone because the On-Hold music sounded so bad?
on hold messaging sounds bad

A lot of on hold music you hear for even large companies comes through as a static mess that hurts your ears! This is an incredibly negative experience for callers. The goal of on hold music is to relax the caller and make the holding time go by quicker. An on hold experience that is sporadic, noisy and full of static will yield the opposite result.