Why a business soundscape?

A business soundscape is a very effective part of the sound branding experience for both customers and employees. What a business sounds like when customers walk in can have a huge impact on how customers and employees feel and react. In fact, certain sounds and instruments can give customers and employees a sense of peace and trust while others may subconsciously create a sense of hurry and anxiety, causing a negative impact on customer’s decision of choosing your products and services. Sound also has the power to increase or decrease productivity and focus of your employees. A strategic office soundscape in place can increase sales and customer retention as well employee productivity and motivation. Because of this subconscious ability to influence a person’s emotional state, sound design can be an incredibly beneficial (and profitable) tool for businesses of all types. If you prioritize customer service in your business, you want to make sure the ambient sound in your business keeps your customers relaxed, calm and motivated to purchase your product or service. Research shows that the benefits to utilizing sound design in a business are potentially huge in increased sales and improved customer experience. The end goal all comes back to Sound Branding – keeping the sound of your brand unified, and improving the overall sound experience of your business.

The Research Behind It

A business soundscape must be crafted specifically to the type of business it is being created for, because each type of music has a different effect on how customers act and react.

The effects of background music in restaurants:

Depending on the type of restaurant, fast or slow background music may want to be used. For restaurants that are trying to get people out the door as soon as possible, upbeat music (such as pop music), should be used. Sit-down restaurants will want to utilize slow music. Research proves that slow music in a restaurant causes customers to stay an average of 13 minutes longer and spend 40% more on alcohol.

Sound Triggers Emotion..

Emotion Triggers Response..

man listening to business soundscape

The effect of background music on shopping:

Simply playing music in your business is not enough. You need to play the right type of music in order to trigger the appropriate emotions to exhibit the expected behavior. Fast-tempo music causes customers to move through the supermarket more quickly. On the other hand, slow-tempo music causes customers to move more slowly, which has a direct correlation to sales because they end up buying more. In a wine store, Classical music versus Top 40 music increases sales and even leads customers to purchase more expensive merchandise.

The effect of a business soundscape in a doctor’s office:

Offices of doctors, dentists, and hospitals are generally filled with patients who are stressed and anxious. Research shows that listening to music can have a tremendously relaxing effect on our minds and bodies, especially slow, classical music. This type of music can have a beneficial effect on our physiological functions, slowing the pulse and heart rate, lowering blood pressure, and decreasing levels of stress hormones. The right choice of music in an office or clinic can have an incredible effect on customers and overall customer experience.