Audio Logos

What are Audio Logos?

Audio logos are a set of musical notes that defines your brand. It is usually only 2-3 seconds long, and is essentially the audio representation of your visual brand. Intel, T-Mobile, NBC, and McDonalds are a few companies who have very recognizable audio logos. When you hear the tune that represents their brand, your mind is automatically drawn to their product.

How can an Audio Logo be used?

An Audio Logo can be used:

  • At the very beginning or end of a television or internet video ad or radio spot
  • At the beginning of your on hold message
  • At the front door of your business where your customers first walk in

Audio logos can be a very effective part of sound branding if implemented correctly. A great deal of time and research needs to go into the creation of an audio logo. The brand, history of the market, target audience, sound science, and more all need to be taken into account when developing an effective audio logo. Don’t be fooled into thinking that just any collection of notes will do the job!