About Us

One Take Wonder Musicis a family owned business located in Kansas City that provides music and marketing services to businesses, producers, artists and filmmakers around the country. What makes us so unique is our capability to integrate professional custom music with forward thinking marketing strategies. As a full servicemarketing agencyandmusic studio, we are able to use music to help our clients get ahead of their competitors.Music can create a convincing atmosphere for your setting, help tell your story and strike an emotional cord, all of which are elements that will have your audience wanting more. Music is powerful because it connects brands to consumers and films to their audience. Whether your project is a film, documentary or TV commercialthat is in need of a film score or soundtrack, we are your best bet. If it’s an advertising campaign, let us create a custom signature sound or jingle that will enhance your results by connecting consumers emotionally to your brand. This is our specialty! Our marketingteam will help you with the next step of promoting your products or projects with a successful media strategy and guaranteed ROI.

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Meet The Owners

Palloma Earl
Palloma EarlDirector of Business Development
Palloma Earl is a marketing and advertising graduate with more than 10 years of experience in marketing departments, advertising agencies and television stations. She achieved a bachelor’s degree in marketing and advertising at a renowned University in Brazil. She works as our Director of Business Development and is a multicultural marketing and music marketing specialist. She has managed or contributed to marketing campaigns for local, national and international brands as well as helped several small to medium business grow and expand with continuous growth. Palloma is also a singer and loves to direct music and commercial productions. She is the person who conducts all our business meetings and negotiations, as well as coordinates all our campaigns and music projects. When it’s not about work, Palloma is passionate about family, friends, parties, exotic vacations with her husband, event planning, movies, worship and her dog Lindinha.
Josiah Earl
Josiah EarlProducer/Composer
With over 20 years of pursuing music as a singer, acoustic and electric guitar player, performer and composer Josiah brings a lot to the table when it comes to composing scores, song writing, singing and recording talent. In addition to music education, Josiah has achieved a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from KU. He helps us as our systems engineer, as well as provides IT support for our clients, especially when it comes to implementation of on hold messages and business soundscapes. His passion for technology has also paved the way for his passion in sound design.
Josiah has composed and produced several songs, scores, custom soundtracks for commercials and the majority of the jingles we have produced. He is passionate about scores for trailers, action movies and quirky soundtracks. When it’s not about work, Josiah is passionate about smoking meat, composing random songs, exotic vacations with his wife, worship, jamming with friends and movies.
Judah Earl
Judah EarlProducer/Composer
Judah was raised in the music industry. He has traveled to several countries playing bass for popular bands, learning different styles of music, and establishing himself as a musician. In addition to years of education in music, he has attained a business degree in order to increase his potential as a musician in the business world. Judah has written arrangements for several musicals, CD’s, and scored a number of films. He is passionate about orchestral music and is the lead when it comes to scores for film/documentaries projects. Judah is also a singer and song writer and enjoys leading music production of all our commercial work.